All Purpose Low Foaming Wetting Agent for Textile Auxiliary Processing


WETEX-125 DLF is a high performance low foaming wetting agent. Suitable for different operations in Textile processing various natural and man-made fibres, cotton yarn and knits. It is soluble in water and stable in acidic, neutral and alkaline treatment baths. It is soluble and stable in various bleach/oxidising environments. It does not react with the active ingredient of the bleach such as hypochlorite, peroxide and per-salts. It is very suitable for Soft Flow Machine of low foam requirement of high speed category. It has excellent wetting, scouring & Re-absorbency properties.


  • Low foam characteristic ensures its use in high speed machines.
  • Excellent wetting of cotton fibres.
  • Better cleaning of cotton and knits.
  • Very good emulsification of oils, grease and lubricants.
  • Stable top hard water and alkalies.
  • Rinses easily from surface.
  • Not aqua toxicity.
  • Entirely eco-friendly.
  • Economical in use.

PACKING                            :20/25/35/50 Kg. HDPE containers.

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