OMET–POLYCOAT 640 is a sodium salt of acrylic homo-polymer, used for various water treatment application and industrial applications. The product works excellently over wide range of pH and temperature as well as high hardness of water without precipitation. It has stability over oxidizing agent like chlorine, is non-foaming dispersant and has good environment acceptability.


OMET–POLYCOAT 640 is widely used in the following industries.

  • It is used in paint and ink industries as a dispersant in water based paint and ink formulations for smoothness glossiness, non-bubbling of product and as a binder etc.
  • It is used in water treatment industry. It has good calcium trapping ability and so highly effective in industrial water treatment as dispersant and scale inhibitor.
  • It is used in paper making industry for fibre recovery.
  • It is used as a thickener in various types of formulations.

PACKING                 :           25/50/200Liters. HDPE Drum.

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