OLO PREMIUM XL- I O is a low alkaline detergent, which has been developed for  use  in  commercial, hospital and commercial and domestic laundries. The product has been designed for automatic and manual dosing and can be applied in soft or raw water, at 30°- 6o0c . OLO PREMIUM  XL-10 is suitable for washing all coloured and delicate cotton and polyester cotton fabrics.

OLO PREMIUM XL- 10 is a lo w a lkaline, mild product, based on an effective blend of surfactants. The well balanced surfactant blend ensures excellent fatty/oily and particulate soil remove and dispersion of soil components. The product has been fo1mulated with anti-foam agents resulting in good foam control.  In addition OLO PREMIUM XL- 10 contains as excellent fragrance, leading to freshness of clothes. This product is a single shot Main wash detergent, which can be establishment, hotels and restaurants.


  • Excellent performance on a wide range of stains and types of soil.
  • Suitable for washing delicates and coloured articles.


Appearance: Homogenous liquid

Solubility: In cold water in all proportions


Recommended level of 01 0 PREMIUM XL- 10 is 750 ML to 1000 ML per 100 Kg. the beginning of process.

Stable when stored in closed and normal climatic conditions.

Keep away from sunlight.

PACKING : 5/10/20/25 Ltr. HDPE Jar.

SHELF LIFE : 12 Months