OMET–SPG-70 is an effective wash off agent, suitable for soaping and washing processes after dyeing and printing. It has good dispersing and washing ability to the unfixed dye and can restrict unfixed dye in the bath to re-settle on the fabric. The treated fabrics show excellent colour fastness. OMET–SPG-70 is also a good detergent that can remove all kinds of dirt and impurities of the fabric to improve the product quality.


  • Excellent washing performance, can remove the unfixed float dye from the fabric to obtain good colourfastness.
  • Strong ability to remove the dirt and the impurities of the fabric, improve product quality.
  • It has well anti staining property and can remove the unfixed dyes without tinting the white ground inreactive dyeing and printing.


  • OMET–SPG-70 is mainly developed for cotton yarn, fabric and its blends. It is suitable for all kinds of machines. Dosage is depending on the material of the soaping process. Our recommended dose is given below:
  • Add 300 to 500 Gms OMET–SPG-70 per 100 Kg. Cloth in 250C–950
  • upto 40–60 minutes

PACKING                             :20/25/35/50 Kgs.

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