Heavy Weight Manganese Phosphating Solution for Iron and Steel


Manganese phosphating is a process used to produce crystalline, oil absorptive coating with excellent wear resistance. These coatings are applied to facilitate initial break in of new parts such as piston rings, crankshaft, cylinder liners, differential gears and transmission gears. The etch pattern produced by manganese phosphate on the surface of parts greatly improves oil retention and prevents galling of contact surfaces. In addition to their anti-friction characteristics, manganese phosphate coatings exhibit excellent corrosion resistant properties when used with suitable post rinse and rust preventative oil.


  • Concentrated liquid additive
  • Produces a dark gray/ black phosphating layer
  • Good protection against corrosion in combination with suitable post treatments
  • Decorative layer with a better corrosion resistance as a blackening layer
  • Very good friction properties for lowering abrasion at machine parts
  • Excellent basis layer for following coating and oiling
  • Easy process handling
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