OMET–D PASTE is a versatile detergent with powerful wetting and dispersing properties. It is eminently suitable for scouring, kier-boiling and at dyeing soaping treatment for all fibres.

OMET–D PASTE combines high cleaning efficiency with powerful emulsification properties for mineral, oil, vegetable oil and animal fats. It is most effective in the woolen and worsted industry in scouring and preparation processes for: Raw Wool, Worsted and Woolen yarns and fabrics, Carpet yarns, Knitted Webbing, Hose and garments and for milling of woolen fabrics.


  • Is an anionic eco-friendly wetting/detergent/scouring/milling agent and kier-boiling detergent for cotton goods.
  • Assists wetting and penetration during bleaching of cellulosics
  • Is widely used in the scouring/dispersing of synthesis and blends
  • Is an excellent washing-off/soaping agent after dyeing/reactive/azoic dyed goods

PACKING                     :25 & 50 Kg. HDPE Drum.