In commercial plants, where current of water flows, the formation of scales represents a serious problem as it is directly associated with a reduction in efficiency of the plant. The resulting problem may take on various forms. For example, even very thin scales on the surfaces of heat exchangers in power stations and refineries noticeably affect the efficiency of the plant. On the other hand, thicker scale in piping network induces greater strain on the pump and results in considerable decrease in flow rate. In extreme cases scale deposition may lead to complete blockage of the pipeline.

RADIGUARD–110 is a heavy duty Anti-Scaling Agent cum Corrosion Inhibitor for water circulation system. It inhibits scale formation by following mechanism:

  • Threshold Effect
  • Crystal Structure Disruption
  • Dispersion

RADIGUARD–110 protects the metallic subsurface by forming a protective layer on it.

RADIGUARD–110 is specially recommended for RO & Drinking Water & Soft Water Plant, Power Plants, Refineries, Sewage Treatment Plant, Low Pressure (Up to 10 Kg/cm3) Boilers, Cooling Towers, AC Plants, Automotive & Locomotive Radiators and Heat Exchangers etc.


  • Concentrated Liquid additive
  • Slight Alkaline


For optimum performance, RADIGUARD–110 is to be dosed in water stream. Both slug dosing & continuous dosing

methods can be employed.

  • Recommended concentration level : (0.5ml to 1.0 ml per 1 litreof water)
  • Operating pH range : 6–11
  • Operating Temperature Range : 5–2000C

PACKING     : 20/25/50 Kg.

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