Electroclean :Cleaning Solvent for Electrical Rotating Machines & Equipment

Electrical equipment, connected to IC/ Diesel Engines, catches lot of deposit from burnt-out carbon particle, grease, dirt, organic matters etc. These greatly affect overall performance. ELECTROCLEAN is used to remove such undesired deposits during maintenance cleaning by jet spray & brush application or immersion.

ELECTROCLEAN is designed to operate both at room temperature & hot-soak cleaner. However, the most efficient method is Vapour-phase cleaning. It is safe on all metals including Aluminium, Copper, Magnesium, Zinc and Ferro Alloys. It does not affect good quality insulations. It is non oily-non toxic and chlorine free and non inflammable. It is composed of aliphatic hydrocarbons with corrosion inhibitors.

Area of application: ELECTROCLEAN is recommended for maintenance Application in automotive Aviation, Locomotive and Marine Industries.

PACKING                                 :  20/30/35 Litre drum.

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