All Purpose Wetting Agents for Textile Processing


WETEX-125 100N is an all-purpose wetting cum scouring agent, suitable for different operations in Textile Processing, involving various natural & man-made fibres. It is soluble in water & stable in acidic, neutral & alkaline treatment baths and also a good soaping agent.

WETEX-125 100N exhibits excellent water solubility and stability in presence of electrolytes and is remarkably resistant to oxidative and thermal degradation.

Mono or divalent ions do not deactivate WETEX-125 100N. Hence water hardness is of no major concern.

WETEX-125 100N is very soluble & stable in various bleach/oxidising environments. It does not react with the active ingredient of the bleach such as hypochlorite, peroxide and per-salts.


  • Concentrated liquid additive.
  • Strong wetting for organic and inorganic substrates such as fibres, fabrics and pigments etc.
  • Scourer (removal or greasy matter)
  • Rinses easily from surfaces.
  • Hard water, saline water does not affect adversely the wetting and detergency of product.
  • Excellent water solubility & stability in acidic, alkaline, oxidative bleaches.
  • Not aqua toxicity.
  • Entirely eco-friendly.

PACKING            :20/25/35/50 Kg. HDPE containers.

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