Medium Weight Zinc Phosphating Solution for Iron and Steel


Medium zinc phosphates are used extensively to improve corrosion resistance. In addition to their corrosion resistant properties, phosphates also improve the overall appearance to finished goods by imparting a uniform; light to dark gray finish (the exact shade of gray is primarily dependent on the alloy and prior treatment). Cost is another reason to consider phosphates. Hidden metal parts, fasteners, hinges, pulleys, springs, slides etc. can be zinc phosphate at a lower cost when compared to alternative finishes like plating or painting.

OMET–300 is concentrated additive for medium duty Zinc Phosphating with excellent coating performance. Also, coating weight can be varied by changing the operating parameters.


  • Concentrated liquid additive for Medium Zinc phosphating of iron and steel using immersion application
  • Produces a homogeneous layer with strong adhesion
  • Good protection against corrosion
  • Thick layers are especially suitable to oil them afterwards or for cold deforming

PACKING                               : 20/25/35/50 Kg HDPE Jar