Corrosion Inhibitor for contaminated MEG

KOOL-XTM(RD) is a blended corrosion and scale inhibitor designed for use in all types of systems including glycol loops, chilled water systems, hot water systems, process loops. By combining latest technology with supplemental inhibitors and pH buffers, this balanced formulation will protect multi-metal systems including iron, mild steel, bronze, copper, and copper alloys. The yellow metal inhibitor (tolytriazole) used in the formulation ensures superior protection of copper and copper alloys for an extended period. KOOL-XTM(RD) is compatible with MEG and can be used to reinhibit glycol solutions or can be used as the initial inhibitor package. KOOLXTM(RD) also contains an effective polymer to prevent and disperse deposition due to hardness in water. KOOL-XTM(RD) keeps piping systems and heat exchangers clean and free from corrosion thereby maintaining optimal heat transfer efficiency and longer equipment life.

Corrosion is a natural process, which converts a refined metal to a more chemically-stable corroded form, such as its oxide, chloride, hydroxide, or sulphide. It is the gradual destruction of materials (usually metals) by chemical and/or electrochemical reaction with their environment. In the most common use of the word, this means electrochemical oxidation of metal in reaction with an oxidant such as oxygen or sulphur. Rusting, the formation of iron oxides, is a well-known example of electrochemical corrosion. This type of damage typically produces oxide(s) or salt(s) of the original metal, and results in a distinctive orange colouration. Corrosion can also occur in materials other than metals, such as ceramics or polymers, although in this context, the term "degradation" is more common. Corrosion degrades the useful properties of materials and structures including strength, appearance and permeability to liquids.

  • Excellent corrosion & deposition control – Keeps heat transfer surfaces clean
  • Good resistance to MB activity
  • Compatible with MEG
  • pH buffered

Physical Properties of KOOL XTM(RD)
Form and Appearance : Clear homogenous liquid
Odour : Characteristics
Specific Gravity at 20oC : 1.6
pH of 1% solution : High alkaline
Solubility : Completely Miscible in water

 Extends the system metal life which is crucial to run the system.
 Increases the life of glycol water solution by maintaining the pH of the solution.
 Does not form sludge deposit (mainly TSS- total suspended solid) in the entire system.
 Does not form pin whole which is a result of leakage.
 Avoid chances of contamination with the product fluid.
 Does not affect freeze protection properties.
 Helps to save power and maintain proper heat transfer efficiency.

Dosing: The dosing of the product is ranged from 0.6% V/V of the holdup volume (glycol water solution). However, the dosage may vary depending upon working condition, pH of the fluid. The dosing may be one time or regular depending up on the parameter of the working fluid.

Storage: This product should be stored in original containers in cool and dry place, away from sources of heat, flame and direct sunlight.

Shelf Life: One year from the date of manufacturing.

Packing: KOOL-XTM(RD) is available in 25/35kgs. HDPE jars.

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