OMET-BLTV 210L is a  Alkaline  Builder  Bath  additive. It is very effective in Raw and soft water  suitable for processing laundry articles. It is used as cleaner, stabilizer and wetting agent  in  alkaline  meditun.  It prevent redeposition of dirt and soil. Excellent chelating properties  for  Calcium,  Magnesium  and  Iron  present  in water/system.  Improves oil removal and wash performance  by the affect  of swelling of  soil/fibre.


>  Highly soluble in  water

>"  Prevents tendering of cellulose fibres

> Excellent performance resulting in superior whites

> It is eco friendly

>- It acts as a chelating agent


Appearance: Clear homogenous liquid

Solubility: Water soluble in all proportions

Nature: Alkaline


Recommended  dosage of OMET- BLTV 210L v.i.11 be 750 ML to 1000 ML per 10 Kgs. cloth.


Stable when stored in closed and normal climate conditions.

PACKING: 5/10/20/25 Ltr. HDPE Jar.

SHELF LIFE: 12 Months

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