Radiclean-1 & 2De-Scaling & Cleaning Kit Radiators (Interior & Exterior)

Cleaning Compound Radiclean-I & Decarbonizer cum Neutralizer Compound Radiclean-II

 In automotive radiators, formation of scales represents a serious problem as it is directly associated with a reduction in cooling efficiency of the unit. The resulting problems may take on various forms. Even very thin scales on the surfaces noticeably affect the heat transfer efficiency of the system. On the other hand, thicker scale in the radiator & piping network includes induces greater strain on the pump and results in considerable decrease in flow rate. In extreme cases scale deposition may lead to complete blockage of the pipeline.

RADICLEAN-I is a heavyduty De-scaling agent for interior cleaning of automotive Radiators. It removes thought scale deposits effectively.

RADICLEAN-II is a post de-scaling Decarbonizer cum Neutralizing Agent for Automotive Radiators. It ensures complete deactivation of residual RADICLEAN-I & helps to maintain operational efficiency.

RADICLEAN-II is also suitable for cleaning of External surfaces of automotive Radiators. It removes all the dust, carbon, grease, muck & other foreign matters from Radiator Exterior effectively & ensures better heat transfer with air.

Apart from automotive Radiators, RADICLEAN Cleaning Kit is also recommended for power plants, Refiners, Sewage Treatment Plants, Boilers, Cooling Towers, AC Plant, Heat Exchanges etc.

RADICLEAN Cleaning Kit is safe on structural metal components like iron & Steel, Copper, Brass, Solder, Aluminium etc. & general piping & gaskets

PACKING                                         :   20 & 25 Kg. HDPE Jar.

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