Anti-Corrosive/Inhibited Propylene Glycol Based Antifreeze Concentrate

Kool Frost-96 is industrially inhibited Propylene glycol based antifreeze concentrate which utilize a unique corrosion inhibitor package made from non-toxic raw materials. These inhibitors offer superior corrosion protection for most metals including carbon steel, brass, copper, stainless steel, cast iron and many other alloys by creating a passive layer on the surface that contacts the Kool Frost-96 and prevents corrosion. It also stabilizes the pH of the fluid, keeping it in the range that is suitable for the metals in the system. Kool Frost-96 is recommended for use in application where oral toxicity is important or where incidental contact with drinking water is possible. Since the toxicity of heat transfer fluids may be adversely altered in chilling systems, used fluids should be handled with reasonable care.

Application Area

Beverages and Juices
Breweries, Distilleries and Wineries
Dairy and Ice Cream
Packaged Food Freezing
Fish Processing Units
Pharmaceuticals and Bulk Drugs
Edible Oil Industries
Heating and Cooling System
Cold Storage System

Causes of Corrosion
Normal Propylene Glycol oxidizes when exposed to air and heat resulting formation of organic acids viz. Glycolic acid, Oxalic acid, Glyoxylic acid and Formic acid etc. These acids then chemically attack and corrode the system metal causing metal loss, pitting and pin hole etc. The corrosion rate of CO2 is a function of partial pressure, temperature, Chloride presence in water and the type of material. There is no corrosion mechanism more damaging on a concentration basis than O2 – small amount of O2, water and chlorides can damage the pipe within a few months.

Controlling Corrosion
Corrosion rate in MPY (mills per year) is a standard method of expression but not a good way to express corrosion where pitting is the major failure. Here is some precaution mentioned below:
Maintain high pH
Control gas breakout
Use passive metals
Remove Oxygen
Control velocities
Lower chlorides
Bacteria control
Acid/brine use considerations and alternatives
Liquid removal
Inhibitor injection

Storage: This product should be stored in original containers in cool and dry place, away from sources of heat, flame and direct sunlight.

Shelf Life: Two year from the date of manufacturing.

Packing: Product is available in 50kg. Jar / 215 kgs. Barrels.

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