OMET-SF l5L is a milky, perfumed liquid providing excellent softening for all cotton and synthetic classification. It makes fabric softer and fluffier.

OMET-SF 15L is formulated for application in the final rinse. Overdosing is not recommended, especially on fabrics which play the role of an absorbent (e.g. towels), as it can make them water repellent.

OMET-SF lsl- is an adequate softener for many common fabric types towels, sheets, wool and delicate articles etc.).

It prevents build up of static electricity on synthetic fabric. It does not leave un-natural residues in the movement.


> Conlains an etficient softening agent

> Conlains an anti-static agent

> Biodegradable


Appearance : White, milhJ, seni liquid

*pH : 2.5 to 4.5

STROAGE: Store in cool and dry place.

PACKING: 5/10/20125 Lt. HDPE Jar.

SHELF LIFE: 12 Months