OMET–4010 is a sodium salt of acrylate homo-polymer. It is used in a variety industrial field as a water treatment chemical. The product works excellently over wide range of pH and temperature, it has good stability over oxidizing agent, it is non-phosphorous non-foaming dispersant and eco-friendly.


  1. OMET–4010is very widely used in industrial water treatment as dispersant and scale inhibitor. It has good

calcium trapping ability, it is an excellent scale inhibitor in water treatment.

  1. It is used in Paint and Ink industry as a dispersant agent.
  2. It acts as a dispersion with anti corrosion and water proofing agent in cement industry.
  3. It has good detergency and cleaning properties even with hard water. It act as a thickening, anti-setting,

binding agent is liquid formulations in Detergent and cleaning materials Industry.

PACKING     : 25/50 Kg. HDPE jar

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